2023 Spring NYFW Trends That We’re Loving!!!

We had the ultimate invitation this Fall and it was to one of the hottest shows at Spring 2023 New York Fashion Week.  There are so many fresh and fun looks that are coming out soon that we had to share.   So check out these fashion trends, so your drip is ready for Spring.

Bra Tops

Bra Tops were heavily used on runways in Copenhagen so we expected them in New York and they were there in full force.  Whether paired up with a loose fitting suit or just using a bra incorporated in daywear with no jacket, this can add a dash of fun and spice to any outfit.  You may want to hold off on the bra top to the office though, it may not work out well there.  It was definitely giving us Aaliyah from the 90s.  

Recreate the Look!!!  A crop top or fun embellished bikini top will work for this look!



Sheer styles are nothing new, why hello 90s again but they are back in a strong way.  From sheer tops to sheer materials on dresses.  You couldn’t miss the sheer elements included in a lot of the items on the runway.

Sheer fabric is so versatile.  From an all sheer dress to just a touch, check out these sheer dresses.



Yes fringe is in….you see what we did there.  If you like the flapper style of the roaring 20s then this may be for you.  But it’s so cute and can work in so many styles.  It will be interesting to see the fashion that evolves with this trend being hotter than ever.

Shop this fringe dress and more!

3D Floral

Refresh something in your closet or make a new piece pop by adding a 3D floral accessory to it and it works.  Men can add a floral pop to their lapel and go bigger than ever, add to your waist or even a flower crown works too.     


Shop more flower crowns and accessories at Kat and Clarese!

Get ready to write your own fashion story this spring with these trends.