5 Sweaters You Need for Fall

Fall is here!   So do you know what that means?  It’s sweater season.  If you’re like me, you just shop and look until you see something you like then you end up with way too many of one thing and not enough of another.  So we compiled a list of the 5 sweaters you need for Fall so you can do some targeted shopping.

Cashmere Sweater

We are loving some of the cashmere options this Fall and everyone needs to at least have one cashmere item in their closet.  Are you wondering what’s so special about cashmere and why does it cost so much?  Well true cashmere comes from the cashmere goat, not sheep.  And it is exceptionally soft and delicate while being so much warmer than wool.  It’s such a luxurious fabric that you have to have at least one cashmere sweater.


You have to have one good go to cardigan.  It’s the perfect option for layering.  You get cold, you grab your cardigan.  Leave it open, zip it up, it works both ways.  You can indulge in a short, or long cardigan.  If it’s not too cold but just a crisp fall day, then wear it as a jacket.


Turtleneck sweaters are just a classic and simple sweater to have in your closet.  I love that you can easily dress them up or down.  And they don’t have to be boring at all.  You can also easily layer them.  

Hoodie Poncho

This year we discovered the hoodie poncho, yes you read that right the hoodie poncho and it has easily become a go to.  So for one, it’s stylish and cute but also it's super functional.  If it starts raining, grab the hoodie poncho.  It can also be used in summer, heading into an air conditioned building? Hoodie Poncho!!!  And pair it with anything!!!

Fun, Fun, Fun  

Sweaters do not always have to be classic or functional but they can just be fun with fun fabrics and colors.  Now we’re not saying go full Christmas sweater on us.  But don’t be afraid to buy one with a bit of a punch because when it’s a gray day, that fun sweater may be just the thing to brighten everyone’s day.

Now, you're set for Fall.  Let us know what sweaters you are rocking this Fall in the comments.